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The revolution in the new way of working reached its inflection point in 2020. Currently, companies must bet on new work environments, not only adopting virtual forms of work, but also changing the form of organizations and the people that compose them.
New ways of working

Of all the organizations in the world (with a workforce of more than 1,000 people), one fifth includes at least 30% telecommuters.


During the last five years, 50% of organizations have had a significant increase in their workforce of freelancers.


Companies that make available to employees the technologies necessary to be more productive, efficient and creative grow by 30%.


74% of workers would change companies if the new company offered flexible work.

Befree SAP Talent HUB will allow you:

Hire people for specific projects anywhere in the world. Only when you need it.

Have the best consultant even if it is only for one project. We review the profiles of our professionals and we assure you that you hire the best.

Save you operating costs of internal workers. Hiring our experts will be cheaper for you.

Offer a refreshing air to your business and achieve a greater degree of flexibility in your hiring.

Have workers in your projects who do not live in the same city, but who speak the same language as your client. You will have access to thousands of professionals from different countries with whom to work safely.

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